Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance for Your Business

Every business has property it needs to protect, whether retail merchandise, manufacturing equipment, or documents stored in a computer. When you make the decision to purchase commercial property insurance for your business, be sure that you have considered all of the ways in which damaged or lost property can hurt your bottom line. You may need more than one type of policy to adequately cover your risk.

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The agents at Southern Financial Insurance Group can help you understand the coverage options available with property and casualty insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we can obtain competitive quotes from a large number of carriers providing business insurance in North Florida and South Georgia. 

What's Covered Under Commercial Property Insurance?

Businesses are protected from financial losses occurring if their building equipment or merchandise is damaged, vandalized, destroyed or stolen. The amount you can recover will be specified in the policy: current value of the property minus depreciation, replacement cost of the item, or a set dollar amount. One or more of these policies may be needed to fully protect your business from financial losses:

  • Commercial property and casualty insurance: This covers damage to buildings, inventory and merchandise, outdoor signage, equipment, outdoor landscaping and fencing. Most commercial property policies provide limited coverage for property or equipment taken off the specified location. 
  • Water damage/flood insurance: Your standard commercial property policy does not cover damage from rain, floods or storms. You will need to purchase flood insurance or water damage insurance. 
  • Wind damage/hurricane insurance: Your property policy does not cover damage or liability resulting from high winds and hurricanes. That requires a specialized hurricane insurance policy. 
  • Electronic data processing insurance: If your business is dependent upon computer data, it’s wise to consider a policy that covers your computer equipment, your computer network, and your data from power surges and data losses from viruses. 
  • Business interruption insurance: Most businesses will suffer irreparable harm if damage to their commercial property means the closure of business for a few days or weeks. Business interruption insurance covers those financial losses so your business can get up and running again once repairs have been made. 

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