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As a renter or condominium owner, you may realize you need to insure your personal property against losses from fire, burglary or flooding. Do you understand all the features of a renters insurance or condo insurance policy?

  • If the water pipes burst in the apartment above you and a flood ruins your home entertainment system, do you pay to replace it? 
  • If a fire in the condo next door causes smoke damage to your belongings, who pays to clean or replace those possessions? 
  • Who pays if you have to stay in a hotel while your place is being cleaned?

In most cases, it’s not the landlord or the property owner who will pay; it’s your renters insurance or condo insurance policy. 

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Insurance agents at Southern Financial Insurance Group help customers limit their risk for large out-of-pocket expenses with renters insurance and condo insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we can help you get the most from your insurance dollar. We work with many insurance carriers so we can help you obtain competitive quotes from several companies. There are three main types of coverage:

  • Condo insurance: Condo associations do carry their own insurance, but condo association insurance only covers damage to common areas. They have no liability for damage to a private unit (such as damage to walls, windows, flooring) or loss of property within a unit. Condo owners need to purchase their own condo insurance policy for such coverage. Talk with one of our agents for a quote on condo insurance rates. 
  • Renters insurance: Renters insurance is less expensive than condo insurance because it does not cover damages to the apartment itself. It covers the cost to repair or replace damaged personal property (up to the limits of your policy) resulting from fire, theft, internal water leaks and other covered hazards. 

Both of these policies will cover the cost of living elsewhere while your condo or apartment is being repaired. These policies will not cover damages resulting from hurricanes or floods. Ask about such coverage.

  • Valuable property: If you own unique or highly valuable property, it is unlikely to be covered for its full value under a standard rental or condo insurance policy. Ask our agent whether you need to purchase a rider or floater policy to cover the replacement value of costly possessions, such as jewelry, antiques, art and electronics. 

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